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Towards 8 years of creating collectible tin toys for Collectors world over, Welby Impex Pvt. Ltd was founded in 1989. Only a trading company then, it was dealing in many products including toys and novelties.

In1995, distribution setup for toys & games in Delhi was formed which is running successfully till date though under another family concern -Toys & Trends. 1997 was the year when Mr. Paresh Chawla director of the company visited the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany and grabbed the opportunity to start exports of tin toys from India. Even though this was trading business, a thorough check was kept on the quality by checking each and every piece in the company’s warehouse. Continuing till the year 2001 as trading company and building up the reputation in the international market, the company needed fast growth. It was decided to install our first toy manufacturing facility to better utilize the distribution pipeline already in place word over. A factory at a time when manufacturing tin toys in India was considered obsolete and was limited to very few and all toys were made of plastic. This 1100 sq. ft. factory in Delhi and later in Noida produced tin toys meeting Quality standards that were above all other tin toys manufactured and sold in India and the west.

Early 2002 saw growth opportunities and a new factory was constructed in Toy City, Greater Noida to increase number of new items and production. Tradition of old hand operated machinery was kept alive for production of toys, along with new machinery for the deep draw and tooling.

With a 7200 sq. ft. of factory space in TOY CITY, Greater Noida, 20 Kms from Delhi, we are currently a workforce of 40 people and growing. Mr. Paresh Chawla heads the technical, production and operational chores, the finance chores are headed by Mr. Yogesh Chawla, and the design and marketing by Mrs. Roopa Chawla. Our turnover has steadily grown each year by an average of 15%, targeted to gross over Rs.1 crore in sales in FY05.

Factory at Toy City, Greater Noida.

Greater Noida being close to Delhi has many advantages:

  • The cost of power being amongst the cheapest in the country.
  • Good availability of skill and semi skilled labour.
  • Healthy working environment.
  • Swift access by roadways and railways from all major towns in India.
  • Access to and from Delhi (20 kms) is within 45 minutes by car and public transport.
  • Land freely available for vast expansion.

Factory, machinery and infrastructure details:
  • Built in 2002.
  • Currently encompassing 7,200 Sq. Ft. area, total capacity of 33,000 Sq. Ft. of construction area.
  • Thirty-nine hand presses machines have total production capacity of 300,000 toys per annum.
  • One hydraulic automatic 15 Ton machine for deep draw upto 15 CMS .
  • One shearing machine.
  • Two lathe machine.
  • One Milling Machine.
  • One Surface Grinding machine.
  • Two drill machines
  • QC facilities that are randomly inspected by qualified personnel while in production and packing.
  • Factory meets all necessary compliances viz. health, safety, labour and municipal regulations.
  • Virgin tin plate is used procured from Tata Tin Plate.

Mould designing, Manufacturing and storing process:

  • Toy and Tools are designed using Cad Cam and Pro-V software’s.
  • Key Tooling are made by Wire cut machines and CNC
  • Dies & Tooling are maintained and stored in special designated rooms.

Orders to trade are dispatched within 30 days of order placing, in seldom cases when warehouse stocks do not meet the order quantity; a timeline is given to the customer and subsequently this timeline is adhered with 95% alacrity. Consumer complaints though at 0.01% of total sales, they are promptly addressed and corrective action are taken on priority. Also efforts are taken to further reduce such complaints.

Our current distribution structure and reach:

It is 100% export sales.

  • Germany – 41%
  • Spain – 17%
  • USA – 11%
  • Australia – 7%
  • Switzerland – 5%
  • U.A.E.– 5%
  • NewZealand– 4%
  • Italy - 4%
  • All other countries combined – 6%
  • 20 distributors and wholesalers
  • 1,500 retailers
  • Great customer relationship and market understanding.

We currently carry 100 products, amongst which 7 will be introduced in April 2005. Our key selling range includes Action Sets, Automobiles, Banks, Locomotives, Pop Pop Boats, Science Fiction in Tin & Trick Stuff in different mediums, etc. accounting to over 200,000 units sales in FY05 from 93 products alone.

We have been regularly participating in the Nuremberg Toy Fair-Germany for nine years , where over the years visitors and delegates have appreciated both the quality and prices on our toys.

Our growth plans for FY06:

  • more products
  • more manufacturing capacity
    • adding 2 new specialized machines
    • adding 1 new painting room
    • adding 1 shrink-wrapping machine
    • increasing overall production and warehousing space
  • increasing distribution reach by 20%
  • increasing retail reach through the distribution system by 30%
  • increasing direct retail accounts by 10%
  • improving marketing by way of cross-promotions and in-store executions with key retail accounts
  • reaching and developing institutional sales
  • brand-building

Given an opportunity to work with you:

  • We can comfortably meet your quality standards.
  • We can comfortably meet your quantity requirements.
  • We are capable of keeping the cost of production at competitive levels.
  • Our distribution channel has sufficient capacity to also distribute your range world over, if need be.
  • Sharing a terrific and exclusive relationship with our bankers, Bank of India, we can raise funds for sufficient increase in manufacturing capacity.
Our vision for the future is to offer great new products and services through continuous innovations and inventions, thereby improving value both inside and outside our organization. And meeting commitments with quality and quantity are our strength- “never commit more then one can deliver” is our motto!


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